Wyoming AOSA notes

Amidons Wyoming AOSA Workshop

Thursday & Friday, August 8 & 9, 2019

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Thanks to Weston and Monica and Mary Ann and all who did so much work to make this workshop possible.

I could not find any area contra dances in Wyoming, so your job is to start some local public community dances and contra dances in your area.

Here is a little about Mary Alice and me and our family.

MEET OUR BOYS & their wives:

Stefan on percussion/vocals and his wife (red head) Zara Bode with their band the Sweetback Sisters

Zara singing with the By the People Choir.

Stefan is the touring percussionist for The Devil Makes Three

and Stefan is a wonderful singer (the tall bass)

Sam with the Australian Chamber Orchestra

Sam fiddling

Sam’s wife Beth Orton singing Leonard Cohen’s “Sisters of Mercy”

Here is an Ode to Mary Alice I made for her on the occasion of our 40th wedding anniversary last summer.

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Post-workshop notes

Life is ever so much with me now putting me behind schedule on creating this page. I am going to start this page by simply listing everything we did in the order we did it over the two days.  I will be adding notes, tips, and links to this page over the next few days.   -PA

Thursday 8:30 – 4:30 – August 8, 2019

Blaydon Races We used ‘Blaydon Races’ from NEDM’s 2010 Revision of the ‘Chimes of Dunkirk’ CD for this. You can also use any jig or  reel medley for this dance. We did this is a mixer, but you can also do it with younger children without changing partners. We often call this at weddings.  We always start  teaching this, as we do with any circle mixer, by having the dancers promenade and defining the gents/moons/peanut butter/inside partners and the ladies/stars/jelly/outside partners.

Sun  Is In My Heart in NEDM’s I’m Growing Up book/CD/DVD
We find this to be comforting for both us and for the children.

Boy-Girl Story in NEDM’s I’m Growing Up book/CD/DVD

Here We Go Riding Our Ponies in NEDM’s I’m Growing Up book/CD/DVD
Children practice handshakes and eye contact in this instantly engaging singing game.

Come Along Everybody in NEDM’s I’m Growing Up book/CD/DVD
We know music teachers who start their music classes with this singing game as the children enter the music classroom.

Old Brass Wagon – in NEDM’s Down in the Valley
This can be an a cappella singing game, or, with the CD (or live music) a great early dance to instrumental music.  When Peter teaches it he walks through the figures first, and then says “Now just do whatever Mary Alice says,” and puts on the CD.

Dance Teaching Tips
Mittens; front of your mitten on the front of your neighbor’s mitten, thumb lightly on back; take hands drop hands take hands drop hands; posture; teach the forward separately  from the back in the forward and back; :shake and take” for teaching promenade; while promenading: inside person is the moon/peanut butter/gent,  outside is the star/jelly/lady; four steps of making a circle from a  promenade: “Hang on to partner stop walking, hang on to partner face the center, drop hands, take hands.”; many ways of keeping the circle big and round on circle left and right; dosido (gents start on inside, ladies start going outside) flowing into two hand turn flowing into promenade; when music starts clapping the first of each 8 beats; doing the dance with your hands; “thick” calling, then “thin” calling then no calling; saying the call right before the ‘clap’ or before the first beat of  the phrase and figure.

La Bastringue  In NEDM’s Chimes of Dunkirk book & CD
This simple circle/partner dance can be easily adapted for younger children.  Have them circle left hold hands straight across, then “open like a book” into a promenade holding “handy hands” (gent’s right and lady’s left).


Now It’s Time to Go

Great Big Star

Humpty Dump



Brotherhood & Sisterhood

Martin Luther King

Vote For Me

Head & Shoulders

Hunt the Cows

Kindergarten Reel

Virginia Reel

Heel & Toe

Noble Duke of York

Grand March


Eye of the Needle

Choosing Partners

Kings & Queens


Highland Gates

Country Life

Kindergarten Wall


I Have Ten Little Fingers

Hickory Dickory

Tiny Little Mouse

Here Is the Little Girl

Bridge of Athlone

Haste to the Wedding

Lucky Seven



Peddler’s Dream

Act out Peddler’s Dream


Accretian Reel

Old Bald Eagle Square

Solomon Levi


Cheyenaide Turnaround
  Circle mixer
A1 Forward and back
Dosido partner
A2 Forward and back
Dosido neighbor
B1 promenade partner
B2 Ladies (outside partners) turn back
(gent can gently tug on their right hand to initiate this turn)
All pass Right Shoulders with the next dancer,
and hook right elbows with the dancer after that
and do a right elbow turn about 1.5 times around.
Gent can gently push on Lady’s right elbow to spin
her to she, also, is facing the center of the circle.


All Night, All Day

Beatitudes 1

Circle Waltz Mixer

    *      *      *     *

Friday 8:30 – 4:30 – August 9,

 Traffic Jam

Little Seed

Five Little Bunnies

I Have Ten Little Fingers

Here’s the Little Girl

Tree Song

Form the Corn

Sleeping Bunnies



Flying Scotsman

Auretti’s Dutch Skipper





Chimes of Dunkirk


Alabama Gal


Simple Square

First Night Quadrille


Princess Hyacinth

Tell story of an early musical experience

Sing a Song of Sixpence

Old King Glory

Willow Tree

Quartz Mountain

Nancy & Arthur


All Night All Day (again)

And When I Rise

Turn Around

From the Seed in the Ground SSAA



Act out Nyangara

Going to Alberta

Grumpy March




Sellinger’s Round

Cheyenaide Turnaround (again)

Whales (picture book with music)

At the Bottom of the Sea

Down Down Baby

Larry’s Mixer

Intersection Reel

Beatitudes II

How Could Anyone

Sicilian Vowel Dance

I’m Gonna Lift My Sister Up (song)

Now It’s Time to Go (again)

Circle Waltz Mixer (again)