Star Island Payments

Star Island Harmony

Payment Options

Initially we are looking for a payment of $195 which represents the program fee ($95) plus a Room & Board deposit ($100) to hold a room at Star Island.
The balance will be due to Star Island Corporation once you are on the island:

Balance Due on Island after initial payment of $195:

  • Triple - $160.00
  • Double - $175.00
  • Single - $240.00
  • Motel Double - $226.00
  • Motel Single - $355.00

You can send a $195 check
($95 program fee plus $100 R&B deposit)
made out to Peter Amidon. Please mail it to
Peter Amidon, 20 Willow St., Brattleboro, VT 05301


Pay via Paypal:

Questions? please contact Peter Amidon:
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