Wiston Big Group Songs 2016

Here are all the big group songs Mary Alice and I led at Wiston Harmony 2016:

Crompton words by William Cowper, music by Peter Amidon

I don’t have a recording of this, but here is a Finale music software writing program playback:


Gate of Sweet Nectar – Buddhist invocation, music by Krishna Das, arr. Peter Amidon

Here is a page with more information on the song, including the Starry Mountain Singers performance of the arrangement, and the Krishna Das performance from which I transcribed the tune.


So Far From Home words by Tom Mousin, music by Peter Amidon

I did two settings of this poem.  You can hear them both and get more information on the song at https://amidonchoralmusic.com/product-category/downloads/


Still There is Love – words by Edith Newlin Chase, music by Mary Alice Amidon, arr. Peter Amidon

You can hear the Starry Mountain Singers sing this and get more information about the song at



Weeping Mary – original from John G. McCurry’s “Social Harp”. Peter’s arrangement based on Sam Amidon’s harmonization.

Here is John G. McCurry’s original “Weeping Mary”,

here is Sam Amidon’s version of Weeping Mary,

and here is a Finale playback of my arrangement of Sam’s harmonization of John G. McCurry’s Weeping Mary


Woyaya – words by Annie Masembe from Uganda, music by Sol Amarino (Osibisa) – arr. Peter Amidon

Here is a page with more information and several versions of Woyaya: