Teaching Traditional Dance to Children Course taught by Peter Amidon


Peter is teaching a week-long “mini-course”  on teaching traditional dance to children and beginning adults, and on leading community dancing, at the Country Dance & Song Society’s “Harmony of Song & Dance”, a week Peter and Mary Alice helped start at Pinewoods Camp (outside of Plymouth, MA) six years ago, which they describe as “for singers who love to dance, and for dancers who love to sing.

About 20 of the 140 campers at the week will be taking Peter’s mini-course. Running Saturday to Saturday, July 22 – 29, 2017, each day starts with a 75-minute all-camp choral with all 140 campers and staff; 4-part harmony singing led alternating by the Amidons and the rest of the camp singing staff.

Then Peter’s mini-course campers will participate in Peter’s 60-minute beginning English/contra dance class, both for improving dance skills, and for learning dance-teaching tips and techniques from Peter.

In the afternoon Peter will lead mini-course participants in a two-hour class of dancing and discussion on teaching dance to children and beginning adults, and on organizing and leading dances in your (school) community.

After dinner there is a daily staff concert followed by an evening of dancing for all. There might be college credit available if there is enough interest. More info here or contact the Amidons – amidonpeter@gmail.com