Singing Games, Dance, Music for K-2 Atlantic City AOSA 2016

Singing Games, Dance, Music for K-2 Atlantic City AOSA 2016


Sun is In My Heart in Amidons’ online AOSA handout
in NEDM’s “I’m Growing Up”
We find this to be calming and comforting both for us and the children.

I Have Ten Little Fingers in Amidons’ online AOSA handout
in NEDM’s “I’m Growing Up”

Sleeping Bunnies
in NEDM’s “I’m Growing Up”
Young children will ask for this dance over and over.

My Poor Hand is Shaking
in NEDM’s “I’m Growing Up”
A perfect expression of what some children experience every day.

When I Was One in Amidons’ online AOSA handout
in NEDM’s “I’m Growing Up”
This is one of our favorite songs to sing to and with our grandchildren.

Chicken & a Chicken in Amidons’ online AOSA handout
In NEDM’s “Down in the Valley”.
We find this a most mesmorizing and mysterious chant.  Have your students make up motions to it.

Head & Shoulders in Amidons’ online AOSA handout
In NEDM’s “Rise Sally Rise“.
This can be done with a partner or even as a circle mixer with inside and outside circles, changing partners on each “one”, “two” and “three”; but we usually do it as we did in the workshop: no partners, just stand up and do the singing and dancing in scatter formation.

Here We Go Riding in Amidons’ online AOSA handout
in NEDM’s “I’m Growing Up”
An engaging singing game that gives children a chance to give each other a lovely and heartfelt greeting.

Magic Forest
in NEDM’s “I’m Growing Up”
Quite compelling for children.

Come Along Everybody
in NEDM’s “I’m Growing Up”
We know a music teacher who starts each music class with this singing game, as they first walk into the music classroom.

Circle Round the Zero in Amidons’ online AOSA handout
In NEDM’s “Rise Sally Rise”
Maureen Kennedy collected this from children playing it out on the playground in a Boston area school.  You can do this with the children trading places so there is only one child walking around at a time, or do it as a cumulative game; everyone remains active once tapped so there are 2, then 4, then 8, etc. being active tappers.  At one point you have everyone walk randomly around, find someone to stand back to back with (etc.) and have them tap each other.

Old King Glory in Amidons’ online AOSA handout
In NEDM’s “Rise Sally Rise”
You can do this with a class of twenty children (singing the song twenty times through) and they never tire of it, entranced as the middle circle disappears while the outside circles grows larger around it.  With young children I have the leader of the line do all the tapping, rather than having the last one in the line tap.

Thorn Rosa in Amidons’ online AOSA handout
In NEDM’s “Rise Sally Rise”
This is a traditional German children’s song.  “Thorn Rosa” is, of course, the German name for “Sleeping Beauty”.  Sometimes we tell the folktale punctuated with verses of the song.

Kindergarten Reel in Amidons’ online AOSA handout
In NEDM’s “Listen to the Mockingbird”.
Although you don’t really need recorded music for this (you can play the music on anything: French horn, piano, recorder, harmonica), send me an email <> I we are happy to send you an mp3 of the Kindergarten Reel recording we played for you.  Once they have learned this dance, put on a jig medley and have them do a simple Virginia Reel:
A1: Forward & back, partner one hand turn.
A2: Partner two hand turn, partner no hand turn (dosido).
B1/B2: Top couple sashay down middle, back up to the top, cast to bottom (no one follows).  All move up one place.

Shake Them Simmons Down
in NEDM’s “I’m Growing Up
Of course you can do this as a singing game as well as having the children dance to the recorded music from the “I’m Growing Up” CD.

Anansi & Seven Sons (Planet Drum) (12:30 only)
Mary Alice and Peter created this version of the story:
Anansi & His Six Sons
and Mary Alice came up with the idea of, after telling the story, miming the story to the music from two cuts of Micky Hart’s “Planet Drum” album: we think the two cuts are named: “The Hunt” and “Temple Caves”.

Heel & Toe (9:45 am only) in Amidons’ online AOSA handout
In NEDM’s “Chimes of Dunkirk”.
I love doing this with Kindergarten.  Teach the first part a few times through without the progression.  Then stand by each couple around the circle, one after the other, and help them do a pass right shoulders with partner.  The next time through the dance you announce, “And now, boys and girls, everyone is going to pass right shoulders ALL AT THE SAME TIME!” Have them all say “Goodbye” to their current partner and the pass right shoulders.  (Omit the right elbow turn.)

La Bastringue (9:45 am only) in Amidons’ online AOSA handout
In NEDM’s “Chimes of Dunkirk”
The adaptations to make this work for, say, 1st graders:
* Tiptoe in & out for the foward and back.  That helps control the running in and out young children tend to do.
* Have them each take responsibility for keeping their part of the circle round in the circle left & right. (Of course there are lots of other ways to help children keep the circle round.)
* Dosido as usual. It is up to you how fussy to be that they dosido clockwise.
* Two hand turn with hands straight across.  Then “Open like a book” to get into “handy-hand” position for the promenade.
* Have the children do a “handy-hand” promenade (gents right in lady’s left – I know you know when we write “gent” and “lady” that doesn’t imply that you are using gender specific partners, it is just a simple way to designate the partner on the left (gent) and on the right (lady)). 

Sally Go Round the Sun – Sally Sunshine (9:45 am only)
Both in NEDM’s “Rise Sally Rise”.  We do love the old English “Sally Go Round the Sun” for young children.  The first thing we teach is the “Whoops! Sally go round the sun…” so they can learn to jump and then walk (rather than jumping and collapsing on the floor, which is fun too.)  “Sally Sunshine” is a great singing game for all ages.

Now It’s Time to Go by Peter Amidon
In the Amidons “Song in My Heart” book and CD, and here is a pdf:
Now It’s Time to Go