A Shortcut Table of Contents

Here is a quick alphabetical table of contents, with links to the individual song pages.

Unless otherwise noted, all of these are SATB a cappella, arranged by Peter Amidon.

Acres Grace - by P. Amidon

All in the Morning - Lenten/Easter carol

All Is Well - from the Sacred Harp - new harmonies by Sam Amidon

All Through the Night - the classic hymn

Amazing Grace - lively different take on classic hymn

Angel Band - old hymn

Angel Rolled the Stone Away - lively Easter spiritual

Angels Hovering Round - simple call and response hymn

Balm in Gilead - the classic spiritual

Be Thou My Vision - piano/SATB arr. of this exquisite old hymn.

Beatitudes - by Peter Amidon

Bid You Goodnight - lively spiritual from Bahamas

Blessed Quietness - poignant old hymn

Born in the Night - joyful piano/SATB Christmas anthem

Bright Morning Starsold Appalachian hymn

Brightest and Best - Jean Ritchie's version of old hymn

Brotherhood and Sisterhood - unison children's song by P. Amidon

Childrens Miracle - free download - SATB/piano - Civil Rights ballad by P. Amidon

Christ Was Born In Bethlehem - old Appalachian Easter ballad

Climbing High Mountains - Peter's piano/SATB arr. of an old American (Unitarian?) hymn

Come O Thou Traveler - piano/solo or unison - Plaintive Isaac Watts text to a melody from an old shape note hymn

Cool of the Day - piano/SATB - through composed arrangement of Jean Ritchie's classic song

Corinthians 13 - by Peter Amidon

Crossing the Bar - Rani Arbo's setting of Tennyson poem

Devotion - piano/SATB - words Isaac Watts, music Alexander Johnson (1818), arr. P. Amidon

Fear Not the Pain - chant by Rachel Kroh, Rilke words

Flower Carol - traditional spring carol

Free at Last - African American spiritual referenced by Dr. King in his "I Have A Dream" speech

From the Seed in the Ground - SSAA/piano children's choir arrangement

Gate of Sweet Nectar - arr. of Krishna Das' setting of a Buddhist invocation

Gift of Love - piano/SATB - words & music Mary Alice Amidon, arr. P. Amidon

Give Me Birds at the Dawning - simple, sweet 3-part song

Good Samaritan - unison/piano - a ballad/anthem by Peter Amidon

Great Trees - SATB/piano - Wendell Berry poetry, music by Mary Alice Amidon

Hallelujah - by Leonard Cohen - a simple, elegant arrangement of a powerful song

Hard Times - the classic Stephen Foster song

Here I Am, LordDaniel L. Schutte's classic hymn arranged here as a through-composed anthem

How Can I Keep from Singing - simple harmonization of this classic hymn/social change anthem

How Could Anyone - a cappella SAB - short poignant song by Libby Roderick

I Still Have Joy - joyful gospel

I Want Jesus to Walk With Me - piano/SATB - simple through-composed arrangement of African American spiritual

I Will Guide Thee - beautiful old hymn

I Wonder as I Wander - John Jacob Niles' classic, poignant Appalachian Christmas carol

I'm Gonna Lift My Sister Up - SATB/piano gospel-style song by Faya Rose Touré

I'm Growing Up - unison/letter chords - children's song by Mary Alice

If I Can Stop One Heart - Mary Alice's setting of Dickinson poem

If You're Ever Going to Love Me - unison, letter chords, Mary Alice's setting of poem

Jesus Gave Me Water - lively gospel quartet arrangement from the singing of Sam Cooke

Johnny Appleseed - unison/letter chords - Mary Alice's setting of poem

Joy of Living - Farewell song by Ewan MacColl

Joy Shall Come in the Morning - by Mary Alice

Let the Life I've Lived - old American spiritual beautifully harmonized by Andy Davis

Little Moses - piano/SATB - by A.P. Carter - short, simple Appalachian ballad of the life of Moses

Love Call Me Home - by Peggy Seeger

Love Me Tender - piano/SATB - a sweet, simple setting of Elvis Presley's eternal love song

Lullaby for the Girls - unison/letter chords - by Mary Alice

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace - SATB/piano - Peter's setting of St. Frances prayer

Marian Anderson - Mary Alice's setting of Myra Cohn Livingston's poem "Keep on Singing: A Ballad of Marian Anderson"

May Today There Be Peace Within - Peter's setting of text by St. Thérèse of Liseaux

My Heart Is Ready - by Cindy Kallet, great group-singing song

Noah Heist the Window - lively spiritual from Bessie Jones

Now It's Time to Go - simple 3-part round by Peter Amidon

O Mary - SATB/piano - Christmas spiritual from Louisiana

O The Winter - lively Bahamas spiritual

Oh the Comfort - Peter's setting of poem

Oh, Had I a Golden Thread - Pete Seeger's classic hymn to humanity

Owl and Pussycat - unison/letter chords - Peter's setting of poem

Parting Glass - traditional Irish

Peace Like a River - SATB/piano - the classic spiritual

Precious Memories - old hymn

Prodigal's Return - SATB/piano - a ballad/hymn/anthem

Psalm 126 - SATB/piano - Mary Alice's setting of the psalm

Psalm of Life - Longfellow poem set to music

Say What You Want - unison/letter chords - children's song by Mary Alice

Shout for Joy - lively Christmas spiritual

Silver Rain - a grace from the Bruderhof Community

So Far From Home - simple piano/SATB setting of Tom Mousin's 2015 Advent poem

Solstice Song - SATB/piano, a new arrangement of Alouette Iselin's great song

Sonnet 18 - Peter's unison/piano setting of Shakespeare's "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" sonnet

Sonnet 30 - Free dowload of Peter's a cappella pub-singing style setting of "When to the sessions of sweet silent thought" sonnet

Still There is Love - Peter's SATB/piano arrangement of Mary Alice's setting of Edith Newlin Chase's poem

Sweet Hour of Prayer - old hymn

Sweet Is the Day - Mary Alice's joyful setting of Isaac Watts text

Sylvie - SA/piano arr. of Huddie Ledbetter song

Take Me To the Water - SATB/piano arr. of African American baptism spiritual

Thanksgiving Eve - SATB/piano - by Bob Franke - a poignant song about work and love.

There But For Fortune - SATB/piano - by Phil Ochs - poignant song about the less fortunate.

Thing That Makes You Beautiful - by Jane Voss

This Little Light - a simple arrangement the classic spiritual

Through All the World Below - SATB/piano - old American ode to the earth

To Bethlehem - SAA/piano - Nym Cooke's Christmas carol

To My Old Brown Earth - Paul Halley's SATB arr. of Pete Seeger's classic funeral song.

Tree Song - unison/piano - a meditative singing game for children

Turn Around - unison/piano - a heartbreakingly beautiful song for children's choir or soloist

Watts Cradle Hymn - SATB/piano - Isaac Watts Christmas anthem

Waulking Song - old Scottish song

What a Wonderful World - a cappella SATB arr. of this familiar & comforting classic.

What You Gonna Call - Meditative Christmas spiritual

When Jesus Came Home - solo or unison/piano, setting of scripture by Peter Amidon

Wild Mountain Thyme - SATB/piano - old Scottish song

World Wide Peace - by William Ramsey, written on eve of World War I

Woyaya - chant-like song of hope, piano/SATB by Annie Masembe from Uganda, music by Sol Amarino of the British Afro-pop band Osibisa.

You Can't Hurry God - lively old gospel/spiritual