A Note from the Amidons

Welcome to Mary Alice and Peter Amidon's Online Choral Store. Most of the songs can be purchased for download; a few are available for free download.  Some of these songs are available also in the Amidons' book and companion CD collections of anthems, others are available only on this website.

The offerings here include poems set to music, hymns, folk songs, gospel and gospel-style songs, songs composed by folks steeped in the oral tradition, through composed anthems, simple hymn-like arrangements, songs for children's choirs, simple children's songs, and one three-part round.

Many of these arrangements were first written for the "9 o'Clock Choir" of the Guilford (VT) Community Church, UCC.

Several groups of singers have contributed to these recordings: our kind and generous "Friends of the Amidons" singers; Hallowell, southeastern Vermont's hospice choir; and the Starry Mountain Singers, an extraordinarily gifted vocal octet that includes the best bass and kindest soul on the planet (our son Stefan) and the most poignantly expressive and stirring alto in the land (Stefan's wife Zara Bode). Thanks also to our elder son Sam who created the harmonies on which Peter based the arrangement of "All Is Well", and let's not forget Sam's fine singing on "Now It's Time to Go". 

Almost all these songs were recorded by Al Stockwell in Brattleboro, Vermont: first at Soundesign Studio, and later at Al's current studio, Black Mountain Audio.

There are three places to look for the songs: on the main page where all the songs are available, the "Shortcut Table of Contents" to allow you to scroll through and find songs more quickly than you can on the main page, and by categories on the left side of the main page ("Recently Added", "Sacred", "Secular", "Advent/Christmas", etc.).

We hope you enjoy listening to the songs, and that you can find material here that will enrich your and your community's singing life.  Please send us a note <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> with any comments or suggestions.

And keep on singing!

- Peter and Mary Alice Amidon