Silver Rain

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a cappella SATB - words by Alice Henderson, music by Marianne Zimmerman - arr. Peter Amidon

In the Amidons' book "Fifty-five Anthems for the Small Church Choir" Sung here by the Friends-of-the-Amidons-Singers with young Arthur Davis, Guillaume Sparrow-Pepin and Sarah Ellis soloists. Harry and Edith Barron joined the Bruderhof, a pacifist spiritual community, after it had fled Nazi Germany and settled in England. World War II forced the community to move to the jungles of Paraguay where they built their own houses, grew their own food, and sang and sang. Harry and Edith ended up in Brattleboro after they left the Bruderhof, and the Amidons felt doubly blessed to get to know them and to learn this song.

"The Silver Rain" and several of the other songs in the Amidons Online Choral Store were recorded in January 2003 for the Amidons' first collection of choral arrangements, "Beatitudes". Thirty-eight generous singing friends of the Amidons spent three blizzardy days crowded into Soundesign Studio in downtown Brattleboro, Vermont with Al Stockwell doing the recording. 


The Silver Rain
1st verse by Alice Henderson
2nd verse by Peter Amidon

The silver rain, the shining sun,
And fields where scarlet poppies run,
And all the ripples of the wheat
Are in the bread that I do eat.
For when I sit at every meal,
And say a grace that I always feel,
That I am eating rain and sun,
And fields where scarlet poppies run.

The fields below, the skies above
Enfold us in God's arms of love
The clouds of mist, the endless sea,
Become a part of you and me.
The precious atmosphere that girths
The narrow vault twixt heav'n and earth
For this we offer prayers and laud:
The life sustaining breath of God.

Tags: Sacred, secular, a cappella, Earth