Acres Grace

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a cappella SATB - by Peter Amidon

In Amidons' book/CD "Fifty-five Anthems for the Small Church Choir". Sung here by the Starry Mountain Singers. Peter composed this for the original musical 'Truth' (script and directing by Stephen Stearns, music and lyrics by Peter Amidon) premiered by New England Youth Theatre in Vermont in the spring of 2009. Prince William, who has abandoned Princess Katherine at the altar, disguises himself as a troubador and ends up with the Acres, a farming family who, like the Copper Family, the Watersons and the Von Trapps, burst into song at any occasion. This is the Acres family's grace for every meal.

Here are three more of Peter Amidon's songs from the Stearns/Amidon musical "Truth":


Acres Grace
by Peter Amidon

We thank you for this food we share,
These gifts we’ve gathered from the field;
Grains, fruits and greens sustain us here;
This bounty nature yields.
Your blessings shower down on us below,
May we use them well;
And when our days on earth are past,
Back in your arms we’ll dwell.


Tags: Sacred, secular, a cappella, Earth