Listen to the Mockingbird: More Great Dances for Children

Listen to the Mockingbird book / cd

A collection of 24 more dances that have been time-tested in classrooms and at community dances. Includes longways dances, circle dances, square dances and contra dances. New chapters on teaching dance in the classroom, building a sense of community, choosing partners, tips on calling and creating new dances with children. Glossary, tune transcriptions, and combined index for Chimes and Mockingbird also included. Cassette/CD recording features some of New England's finest dance musicians playing all the music needed to teach the dances. Reels, jigs, polka and waltz are played dance length. Four square dances include singing calls on the recording.

Book and CD $32, Book $17, CD $15

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Plastic binding, 64 pp.

Table of Contents: Book
  1. Introduction
  2. How the Music and Dances Fit Together
  3. Dancing in the Classroom
  4. Building Community Through Traditional Dance
  5. Dances in Longways Sets
  6. Circle Dances
    • Circassian Circle Mixer
    • Les Saluts
    • The Vowel Dance
    • Larry's Mixer
  7. Sicilian Circle Dances
    • Mariposa
    • Roddy McCorley
    • ZOM Out
  8. Square Dances
    • Listen to the Mockingbird
    • Ocean Wave
    • First Night Quadrille
    • Butterfly Whirl
    • Sheehan's Reel
    • Shoot the Owl
  9. Contra Dances
    • A-Rovin'
    • Ellen Green's Jig
    • Aw Shucks
  10. Selection of Dance Tunes
  11. More Thoughts on Choosing Partners
  12. Tips on Calling a Dance
  13. Creating New Dances With Children
    • Flat Tire
    • St. Michael's Star
  14. Glossary
  15. Other Resources
  16. Combined Chimes of Dunkirk / Listen to the Mockingbird Dance Index andn Tune Index
Table of Contents: CD
  1. Quebec Reels
  2. New England Jigs
  3. Southern Reels
  4. Blarney Pilgrim
  5. Les Saluts
  6. Irish Reel Medley I
  7. Forester's
  8. Listen to the Mockingbird
  9. Ocean Wave
  10. First Night Quadrille
  11. Butterfly Whirl
  12. A-Rovin'
  13. Irish Reel Medley
  14. Franconia Waltz