Sashay the Donut Even More Dances for Just About Anybody

Sashay the Donut (cd/book)

Our third collection, designed to compliment Chimes of Dunkirk and Listen to the Mockingbird. A collection of 22 more dances that we have used successfully in classrooms and at community dances. Dance instructions are carefully worded with accompaning photos, diagrams and glossary. Includes longways, circles, contras, squares and scatter mixers. Companion CD features dance length recordings of appropriate music for the dances. Music captures the excitement of dancing to live music in a community dance setting. The two square dances include singing calls on the recording.

Book and CD $32, Book $17, CD $15


Sashay the Donut - CD Contents
  1. Quebec Reels
  2. Irish Jig Medley
  3. Goin' to Alberta
  4. Wizard's Walk/Red Crow
  5. Solomon Levi
  6. Time Reel Medley
  7. Gustav Skol
  8. Irish Reels
  9. Old Bald Eagle
  10. Quadriell Jos Bouchard/Reel Béatrice
  11. Bo Diddley
  12. Sasha!
  13. On the Danforth
  14. In Continental Mood Waltz
  15. Brotherly Love
  16. Slow G
Sashay the Donut - Book Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Dances in Longways Sets
    • Rural Felicity
    • Bo Diddley
    • Kings and Queens
    • Snowball
    • OXO Reel
    • Zip It Up
    • Grumpy March
    • Intersection Reel
  3. Circle Dances
    • Comment ça va?
    • Goin' to Alberta
    • Sashay the Donut
    • Grand March
    • Circle Waltz Mixer
  4. Scatter Mixers
    • Big Southern Couple Mixer
    • Sasha!
    • Leftover Reel
  5. Sicilian Circle Dances
    • Sicilian Vowel Dance
    • Gregory's Galop
  6. Square Dances
    • Solomon Levi
    • Old Bald Eagle Square
    • Gustav's Skol
  7. Contra Dances
    • Polka Contry
    • Monterey Detour
    • The Longest Bridge
  8. Choosing Partners
  9. Glossary
  10. Other Resources
  11. Combined Dance & Tune Index