Alabama Gal - Nine Never-fail Dancing and Singing Games for Children

Alabama Gal: cd,dvd,book

Alabama Gal, edited by Mary Cay Brass, Andy Davis, Peter Amidon and Mary Alice Amidon, contains nine favorite selections from the 100+ dances and singing games in the New England Dancing Masters five current collections, all together in one convenient volume. Alabama Gal includes complete written instructions to the dances, a DVD with Mary Cay, Andy, Mary Alice and Peter teaching each of the dances to children, and an audio CD to accompany the dancing.

$30 for book/cd/dvd combo.

  1. Old Brass Wagon
    (singing game, circle of partners)
  2. Highland Gates
    (singing game/circle, no partners)
  3. Noble Duke of York
    (singing game/dance, longways set)
  4. Sasha
    (scatter mixer dance)
  5. Chimes of Dunkirk
    (longways dance)
  6. Heel & Toe Polka
    (circle mixer dance)
  7. Kings & Queens
    (longways dance)
  8. Alabama Gal
    (singing game/dance, longways set)
  9. Circassian Circle
    (circle mixer dance)