The Fairie's Gift: Songs for Children

Fairie's Gift - cd cover

2005. Peter, Mary Alice and Sam Amidon, Pete Sutherland, Ron Kelley

We made our first children's album of songs quite by accident in 1984, when our friends Connie Woodberry and Carl Hirth were taking a trip to Thailand and requested a cassette for their two children to listen to on the journey. We made a recording of it in our living room with a hand held tape recorder. When they returned they saidd we needed to do this for other parents. The Faerie's Gift includes two of our original settings of poems, our firest recordd story and songs by Elvis Presley and Louis Armstrong. Here are songs of tenderness, walking in each other's shoes and celebrating our wonderful world. Though it's an album for children, we think all our music friends will find much to delight in here.

All arrangements by the Amidons.

  1. Lazy John
  2. The Owl and The Pussycat
    poetry Edward Lear
    music Peter Amidon
  3. Johnny Appleseed
    poetry Stephen Vincent Benet
    music Mary Alice Amidon
  4. What You Do With What You've Got
    Si Kahn
  5. Dancing Bear
    John Phillips
  6. Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night
  7. One Little Step Towards Freedom
    Kathy Fink
  8. It's Good to Be Kind
    Mary Alice Amidon
  9. Walk a Mile
    Jan Nigro
  10. I See the Moon
    Meredith Wilson
  11. Mail Myself to You
    Woody Guthrie
  12. What a Wonderful World
    George David Weiss and George Douglas a/k/a Bob Thiele
  13. Great Big Star/Mr. Moon
  14. Faerie's Gift
    traditional Irish folktale
    original music by Mary Alice Amidon
  15. Love Me Tender
    Vera Matson and Elvis Presley