I'll Never Forget

I'll Never Forget - cd cover

“Some of the most musical listening and singing along I've experienced in years. Everyone should add this superb recording to their collection.” —Bill Spence of the Old Songs Festival Simply the Amidons' favorite songs, secular and sacred, sung by Peter, Mary Alice along with Sam and Stefan when they were sopranos.

  1. Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn
    traditional: U.S.
  2. Voting Song
    Rose Sanders/Happy Valley Music, BMI
  3. Solstice Song
    Alouette Iselin
  4. Texas
  5. Wool Song
    Andra Hertzen-Horton
  6. Your Children/On Children
    Kahlil Kibran/Ysaye Barnwell
  7. Kindergarten Wall
    John McCutcheon
  8. Hungry Rock/Brenda Stubbert's/Dinky
  9. Be Kind to Your Parents
    © Rome
  10. Let It Be Me
  11. Swimming to the Other Side
    Pat Humphrey
  12. I'll Never Forget
    Sam Cook
  13. Sheep Sheep
    traditional: U.S.
  14. Angels Hovering Round
  15. Lenox
    Charles Wesley/Lewis Edson
  16. Benton's Dream/Amazing Grace
    John Newton/Benton Flippen
  17. Shepherds Star
    from the Southern Harmony
  18. Vecerai/Polegnala
    traditional: Bulgaria
  19. Twenty-Third Psalm
    Bobby McFerrin
  20. Lord Is My Shepherd
    traditional: England
  21. Psalm of Life
    Lotus Dicky
  22. Just a Little More Time
    Traditional: U.S.
  23. Warren - Babcock
    from Columbia Harmony, 1788