Angels Hovering Round: Songs for Hospice and Healing

Angels Hovering Round (CD)

“What could be more lovely at the end of life than being surrounded by the voices of angels in harmony? We recorded some of our favorite hospice and healing songs in hopes of spreading this ministry to other communities. In the spirit of sharing what we love, we hope it reaches all who wish to know the healing effects singing has on the soul.”

—Kathy Leo, Hallowell founder

  1. Hallowell
    by Stephen Spitzer
  2. Plovi Barko
    traditional, from Croatia
    arr. Mary Cay Brass
  3. By the Waters of Babylon
    by Brent Dowe and Trevor McNaughton
    arr.. Peter Amidon
  4. I Still Have Joy
    arr. Peter Amidon
  5. Thuma Mina
    South African freedom song
  6. I Will Guide Thee
    arr. Peter Amidon
  7. Reconciliation
    by Ron Kavana
    arr. Barry Coope
  8. I'll Fly Away
  9. Down to the Valley to Pray
  10. If Ye Love Me
    by Thomas Tallis
  11. Khvalitye
    Russian Orthodox hymn
  12. O Sing to me of Heaven
    arr. Ginny Hawker and Kay Justice
  13. Onawa's Waltz
    by John Krumm
  14. New Jerusalem
    shape note hymn from 'Sacred Harp'
    by Jeremiah Ingalls
  15. Bid You Goodnight
    arr. Peter Amidon</li>
  16. Angels Hovering 'Round
  17. How Could Anyone Ever Tell You
    by Libby Roderick
    arr. Peter Amidon
  18. Gaelic Blessing
    words traditional Irish
    music by Deborah Anderson