Books and CDs

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Choral Music Resources

Note: More Choral Resources, including downloadable pdfs are at our other site:

Fifty-Five Anthems – 2nd Edition
Fifty-five Anthems – 2nd Edition – Mp3 Album
Give Us a Song
Nowell Sing We Clear: Songs and Carols for Midwinter and Christmastide
Climbing High Mountains
2nd Edition – Twenty-Five Anthems for Interfaith & Community Choirs

Amidon Music CDs and Books

A Song in My Heart: book / CD
Songs from Truth – The Musical
I’ll Never Forget
Hymns and Ballads
The Keys to the Kingdom
The Fairie’s Gift: Songs for Children
All I Really Need:  Songs for Children
Angels Hovering Round
Hallowell: Love Call Me Home

New England Dancing Masters

Two Little Blackbirds – Songs, Dances, Fingerplays and Music Activities for the Very Young – Book, MP3, Streaming Video
I’m Growing Up-Fingerplays, Action Songs, Singing Games and Stories for Young Children
Other Side of the Tracks
Any Jig or Reel
Sashay the Donut Even More Dances for Just About Anybody
Chimes of Dunkirk: Great Dances for Children – 2010 Edition
Alabama Gal – Nine Never-fail Dancing and Singing Games for Children
Down in the Valley: More Great Singing Games for Children
Rise Sally Rise, (formerly Jump Jim Joe): Great Singing Games for Children
Listen to the Mockingbird: More Great Dances for Children
Chimes of Dunkirk: Teaching Dance to Children, the DVD