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New England Dancing Masters

  • This new collection of traditional singing games is similar in format to Jump Jim Joe. Andy Davis and the Amidons have put gathered some of their favorite singing games and music/movement activities collected over the last ten years since the Amidons published Jump Jim Joe. Andy joins the Amidons and some local children (including Andy's son Arthur) in a wide range of arrangements of the songs to the singing games for the CD. The book has the clear instructions that characterize all of the New England Dancing Masters materials.

    Book and CD $32, Book $17, CD $15

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  • Mary Alice and Andy have drawn on their extensive experience in the classroom to assemble this collection: book/CD/DVD in one package, which includes fifty-four of their favorite movement activities for children in preschool, kindergarten and the early primary grades.

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  • This Book and CD were formerly titled Jump Jim Joe.
    Why did we change the title?

    2014 edition of the original 1992 collection of 21 of Peter and Mary Alice Amidon's favorite traditional singing games from the US and British Isles. Includes tips on teaching dance in the classroom, transcriptions of the melodies and a glossary of dance terms. The CD features the Amidon family (when Sam and Stefan were sopranos) singing the songs accompanied by a variety of instruments, with two new replacement cuts (Alabama Gal and Noble Duke of York) that are dynamic accompaniments for classroom dancing.

    Book and CD $32, Book $17, CD $15

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  • A collection of 24 more dances that have been time-tested in classrooms and at community dances. Includes longways dances, circle dances, square dances and contra dances. New chapters on teaching dance in the classroom, building a sense of community, choosing partners, tips on calling and creating new dances with children. Glossary, tune transcriptions, and combined index for Chimes and Mockingbird also included. Cassette/CD recording features some of New England's finest dance musicians playing all the music needed to teach the dances. Reels, jigs, polka and waltz are played dance length. Four square dances include singing calls on the recording.

    Book and CD $32, Book $17, CD $15

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  • Edited by Gerret Warner, directed and narrated by Peter Amidon

    Filmed throughout with two cameras by Warner & Company of Chapel Hill, NC , the video includes:

    • footage of 18 of the dances in the 'Chimes' collection including teaching tips for most of the dances.
    • Dance teaching and calling by 'Chimes' editors Peter Amidon, Andy Davis and Mary Cay Brass.
    • Dance teaching by two music teachers and one phys ed teacher from an elementary school in Cambridge, MA.
    • An evening community dance in Connecticut, an evening community dance in Vermont, and an evening adult contra dance in Massachusetts, all with great live music.
    • Dance sessions with children in elementary schools in Massachusetts and Vermont.
    • A section on the basics of teaching traditional dance to children, including discussion on holding hands, choosing partners, gent/lady issues, etc.
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  • Hypnotic, pheromone producing, hormone popping, T-cell enhancing groove music geared for older elementary age children, this is also a great listening and dancing album for any age. These are longer cuts than usual with a wide range of moods represented by this young, cutting edge contra dance band.

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  • Nine medleys of classic New England style jigs and reels - plus three waltzes. These arrangements are intended to be used in the classroom with our Chimes and Mockingbird dance collections. Want some fresh recordings for the contras, circles and squares that you are already teaching your students? This is for you! Andy Davis on accordion, Becky Tracy on fiddle and Keith Murphy on piano, guitar, and feet percussion. Each medley is dance length. High energy, with a classic New England sound!

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  • Our third collection, designed to compliment Chimes of Dunkirk and Listen to the Mockingbird. A collection of 22 more dances that we have used successfully in classrooms and at community dances. Dance instructions are carefully worded with accompaning photos, diagrams and glossary. Includes longways, circles, contras, squares and scatter mixers. Companion CD features dance length recordings of appropriate music for the dances. Music captures the excitement of dancing to live music in a community dance setting. The two square dances include singing calls on the recording.

    Book and CD $32, Book $17, CD $15

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  • 2010 revision of New England Dancing Masters’ classic collection of 20 traditional dances for children. First published in 1991, the editors have improved and updated the dance descriptions, and added several sections on teaching dance to children including tips on calling a dance and various strategies for choosing partners with children. Includes simple longways dances, circle dances, square dances and contra dances. Ideas for teaching dance successfully in schools, a glossary of dance terms and transcriptions of the dance tunes are included. CD recording features some of New England's finest dance musicians playing all the music needed to teach the dances. The revised CD includes three new recordings. Reels, jigs, polka and waltz are played dance length. The two square dances include singing calls on the recording. You may also wish to consider our Chimes of Dunkirk instructional dance video.

    Book and CD $32, Book $17, CD $15

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