2nd Edition - Twenty-Five Anthems for Interfaith & Community Choirs


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    …Peter's work is artistry at the highest level: not only a gift to singers in a wide variety of settings, but also a model worthy of study by songwriters and composers in any tradition.

    -Mark Simos, Songwriter; Associate Professor, Songwriting, Berklee College of Music Author of Songwriting Strategies: A 360º Approach (Berklee Press, Hal Leonard, 2014).

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    Peter and Mary Alice's choral arrangements and compositions are being sung by community, church and hospice choirs throughout the U.S. and the UK.  Now the Amidons have published two books and companion sampler CDs of collections of their most popular, musical and accessible arrangements. This book "Twenty-Five Anthems for Interfaith and Community Choirs" is geared particularly to UU church choirs.

    This collection is now in its Second Edition.  Click here to see the changes from the First Edition.

    The second book "Fifty-Five Anthems for the Small Church Choir" is geared particularly to choirs in small, mainstream Protestant churches. However, both books are useful to any church, community, high school or hospice choir.

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    Here are the songs included in our "Twenty-five Anthems - 2nd Edition" book and CD. Mary Alice co-arranged "I'm Gonna Lift My Sister Up", "Give Me Birds at the Dawning", "My Heart is Ready", and "How Could Anyone"; and she composed the music to "Still There Is Love", "Great Trees", "If I Can Stop One Heart" and "Still There Is Love".  Peter arranged or co-arranged all of the songs.

    Bright Morning Stars - traditional

    Crossing the Bar- poetry: Alfred Lord Tennyson, music: Rani Arbo

    There But For Fortune  - Phil Ochs

    I'm Gonna Lift My Sister Up - Faya Ora Rose Touré

    Psalm of Life Lotus Dickey

    Here is My Home - Si Kahn

    Give Me Birds at the Dawning - Betsy Binstock

    Still There is Lovepoem Edith Newlin Chase, music Mary Alice Amidon

    How Can I Keep From Singing - Robert Lowry, Doris Plenn

    Fear Not the Pain - words Raina Maria Rilke; music Rachel Kroh Pollack

    Great Trees - poetry: Wendell Berry, music: Mary Alice Amidon

    Golden Thread - Pete Seeger

    The Thing That Makes You Beautiful - Jane Voss

    Love Call Me Home - Peggy Seeger

    Solstice Song- Alouette Iselin

    My Heart Is Ready - Cindy Kallet

     O The Comfort - poetry Dinah Mulock Craik, music Peter Amidon

    Peace Like a River - traditional

    How Could Anyone - Libby Roderick

    Joy of Living- Ewan MacColl

    Gate of Sweet Nectar - Budhist Invocation from

    If I Can Stop One Heart - Emily Dickinson, Mary Alice Amidon

    Parting Glass - traditional

    What a Wonderful WorldBob Thiele, George David Weiss & George Douglas

    Gift of Love - Mary Alice Amidon

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