Gate of Sweet Nectar

 A free download of this a cappella SATB - traditional Buddhist invocation ("Sri Hanuman Chaleesa") - music Krishna Das - arr. Peter Amidon.

Note: the recording is a Finale-music-writing-software program playback; the vocal parts are played by wind instruments.

Here is more information on Krishna DasKrishna Das's performance of his setting can be heard on his "Door of Faith" album.

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Gate of Sweet Nectar
Buddist invocation

Calling out to hungry hearts,
Everywhere through endless time,
You who wander, you who thirst,
I offer you this bodhi mind.

Calling out to hungry spirits,
Everywhere through endless time,
Calling out to hungry hearts,
All the lost and left behind.

Gather round and share this meal;
Your joy and your sorrow I make mine.


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