Precious Memories

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a cappella SATB - by J.B.F. Wright - arr. Peter Amidon

In Amidons' book "Fifty-five Anthems for the Small Church Choir". Sung here by the Friends-of-the-Amidons-Singers, Larry Crockett soloist. A simple arrangement of a classic old hymn. J.B.F. Wright was born in Tennessee 1877, and composed "Precious Memories" in 1925. Here are two extraordinary renditions of this old hymn:


Precious Memories
by J.B.F. Wright

Precious memories, unseen angels,
 sent from somewhere to my soul
How they linger, every near me
And the sacred past unfold.

Precious memories How they linger
how they ever flood my soul
in the stillness of the midnight
precious sacred scenes unfold.

Precious father, loving mother,
Fly across the lonely years,
And old home scenes of my childhood,
In fond memory appears.

In the stillness of the midnight
Echoes from the past I hear
Old time singing gladness bringing
from that lovely land somewhere.

I remember Mother praying,
Father too on bended knee
Sun is sinking, shadows falling,
But their prayers still follow me.

As I travel on lifes pathway
Know not what the years may hold
As I ponder hope grows fonder
Precious memories flood my soul

Tags: Sacred, a cappella